Insights into nonprofit leadership & governance

Hunt Scanlon Media spotlight on Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital CEO search

Hunt Scanlon Media highlighted our search for the next Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts Nation's Capital. Girl Scouts Nation's Capital (GSNC) is the largest of the 111 Girl Scout Councils in the United States with a total youth and adult membership of 74,740. Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is dedicated to empowering...


Doug Widener named President and CEO of Piedmont Park Conservancy

BoardWalk Consulting congratulates Doug Widener for his appointment as the next President and CEO of Piedmont Park Conservancy. Widener, who is expected to begin his post at the Piedmont Park Conservancy sometime in late October, will succeed Mark Banta, who has been in that position since 2014 after a short tenure as the...


Warwick Sabin named President and CEO of Deep South Today

BoardWalk Consulting congratulates Warwick Sabin for his appointment as the inaugural President and CEO of Deep South Today, a networked hub of nonprofit newsrooms. “I am honored, grateful and energized to take on this role, in this region, at this time,” Sabin said. “Like the rest of the country, the Deep South is...


Kelvin Adams named President and CEO of St. Louis Community Foundation

BoardWalk Consulting congratulates Kelvin Adams on his new role as President and CEO of St. Louis Community Foundation, effective August 7. “I am excited about the possibilities,” Dr. Adams said. “The possibility of increasing collaborative philanthropy. The possibility of addressing our region’s most complex and...


Tifferney White named CEO of Louisiana Children’s Museum

BoardWalk Consulting congratulates Tifferney White on her new role as CEO of Louisiana Children's Museum. “Children’s museums are experiencing significant strategic growth in the areas of early learning and community collaborations that prioritize the community’s needs and aspirations,” said White. “The Louisiana...


Laurel Miller named President & CEO of The Asia Foundation

BoardWalk Consulting is pleased to congratulate Laurel Miller on her new role as President & CEO of The Asia Foundation. Laurel brings a strong professional and personal commitment to The Asia Foundation’s mission of improving lives and expanding opportunities across the world’s most diverse region. Presently the...


Ben Jealous named Executive Director of Sierra Club

BoardWalk Consulting is pleased to congratulate Ben Jealous on his new role as Executive Director of Sierra Club, effective January 23, 2023. In a career that has spanned from organizer to social impact investor in green technology, Jealous has been president of People for the American Way since 2020 and was the youngest...


Deirdre Schifeling named National Political Director of the ACLU

BoardWalk Consulting is pleased to congratulate Deirdre Schifeling on her new role as National Political Director of the ACLU. “I am honored to join the incredible team at the ACLU. We are in the fight of our lives for our country’s democracy, civil liberties, and human rights. The ACLU — with its long history and 50...


Jason Purnell named President of James S. McDonnell Foundation

BoardWalk Consulting is pleased to congratulate Jason Purnell on his new role as President of the James S. McDonnell Foundation, effective February 1, 2023. Purnell brings to the Foundation vast experience in St. Louis working with many different constituencies, bringing together multiple groups to create and implement...


Sylia Obagi named Founding Executive Director of Winston Family Foundation

BoardWalk Consulting is pleased to congratulate Sylia Obagi on her exciting new role as Founding Executive Director of the Winston Family Foundation. "I am driven by an unwavering belief in the power of philanthropy to create a better world for everyone. I see myself as an architect and a builder who works seamlessly...

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