Insights into nonprofit leadership & governance

Five questions every search committee should ask—of itself

BoardWalk has partnered with several hundred search committees in our 21 years of Finding leaders that matter for missions that matter.® Based on the fascinating mix of extraordinarily diverse missions, personalities, recruitment challenges and interview styles, we’ve developed 5 questions for search committee...


5 Ways Recruiting Is Different Now

by Kathy Bremer, BoardWalk Consulting   If you imagine that the pandemic, heightened awareness of racism, economic and other challenges are affecting recruiting and job searches, you are right.   What has not changed is the need for top talent. After a mid-March pause, Boards and CEOs have resumed hiring....


The Importance and Power of Storytelling

By Peter C. Chatel BoardWalk Consulting co-sponsors an annual Nonprofit Leadership Conference in Atlanta each fall, attended by nonprofit Board chairs, CEOs and foundation, corporate and nonprofit executives. This year’s event, held at Atlanta Botanical Garden, attracted 200 leaders for the 8th annual conference, themed...


Letter to a new CEO: Wisdom from the ranks

Career Pathways, a terrific “talent pipeline expansion program” of the Council on Foundations, is now in its sixth year of bolstering inclusive practices and diversity in philanthropic decision-making. (BoardWalk has been pleased to be a supporter from the beginning.) A number of early participants (primarily women and...


Five questions every search committee should ask (of its candidates)

Last month in this space, we offered five questions every search committee should ask (of itself)1, an exercise we recommend every search committee undertake at the very outset of any major executive search. This month, we focus on the more traditional issue of questions addressed to candidates. A quick scan of the Internet...


Two mistakes in CEO transitions – and three best practices

You’ve just wrapped an intensive search process. A dynamic new CEO, with the right assets for the challenges and aspirations of your organization, will start in a few weeks. Congratulations! Now what? Everyone exhales and thanks the committee for its fine work. There is a collective sigh of relief. That’s...


Five Tips on Transitioning from an Iconic CEO

The arrival of a new CEO is a chance to welcome new ideas, possibilities and energy. But when the new leader follows a beloved, long-serving predecessor, successful transitioning is a challenge. BoardWalk recently invited a group of nonprofit CEO’s and board leaders to discuss their experiences with such challenging...


Five people to invite onto every search committee –and two to avoid

Since the founding of BoardWalk Consulting in 2002, we have worked with scores of nonprofit and foundation CEO search committees. The vast majority of the CEO search committees we serve are charged with identifying, attracting, vetting and recommending a final candidate to becomeCEO of their respective organizations. The final...


12 Steps to a Successful Search

Considering a search for a new CEO or Executive Director? In response to many requests, BoardWalk Consulting has prepared a template to guide you through the 12 Steps to a Successful Search. Download...

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