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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra search for Vice President of Marketing & Communications

April 27, 2022  

BoardWalk Consulting is excited to partner with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in its search for Vice President of Marketing & Communications.

For more than 76 years, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has served as a cornerstone of arts and culture in the Southeastern United States and affirmed its place as one of America’s great orchestras. Known internationally for its remarkable discography and 27 Grammy awards, a 30-plus year commitment to the education and enrichment of young, diverse musicians, a world-renown chorus and its reputation as a hub for innovative and accessible new music, the ASO is unique among its peers and continues to be recognized as a dynamic organization that is helping to define the 21st century American orchestra.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications is charged with engaging current and future audiences and driving the strategy and execution necessary for the ASO to reach and grow its attendance goals.

Learn more about this position in the Leadership Profile here.

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