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Sam Pettway & Kathy Bremer featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

August 30, 2021  

BoardWalk Consulting is proud to have our very own Sam Pettway and Kathy Bremer featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s article about the challenges that nonprofits and executive recruiters are currently facing in the hunt for top talent.

“While finding corporate executive talent is difficult, the task of locating leaders for the nonprofit sector is in some respects even more challenging. Sam Pettway, founding director of BoardWalk Consulting, said in the nonprofit sector, the rewards are rarely economic and far more personal. He also said the leadership style of a nonprofit executive involves a more collaborative, consensus-driven approach. Pettway noted corporate executives, who are measured by return on equity or share price, are ‘often baffled by the necessity to develop the sort of consensus generally required for leadership in the nonprofit world.” He added, “The measure of success is very difficult to define.'”

Read the full article here.

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