Our Approach

We start with strategy. All of our work emphasizes the links between strategy, mission, people and processes. We help clients achieve their goals by focusing on their mission, culture and aspirations and connecting our work and their strategy.

We have a bias for action. Because financial resources are always at a premium for the clients we serve, we maintain a conscious balance between process and pragmatism. We do not seek perfect explanations to theoretical problems. We focus on finding and implementing solutions that can make a difference to the mission.

We have respect for process. Too often, shortcuts are merely the best way to get to the wrong answer faster. We resist analysis paralysis, but we also resist the temptation to jump to a solution without having done the proper homework. There is no substitute for preparation, especially at the beginning of a project, and we work with clients to lay the foundation for a successful engagement.

A BoardWalk search takes 4-5 months on average, and is comprised of four basic steps:  

1. Leadership Profile.  After gaining a full understanding of the challenges, opportunities and aspirations for this position via stakeholder discussions and visits, we develop a Leadership Profile for use as a recruiting tool and candidate screen.

2. Benchmark Review.  We will conduct targeted, proactive outreach to prospective candidates, conducting telephone screening and in-person interviews.  At the midpoint of the search, we will convene a Benchmark Review, a 90-minute meeting to discuss the search progress to date and review 8-10 prospect resumes.

3. Candidate and Finalist Interviews. BoardWalk conducts in-depth interviews and reference checks, and works with the Search Committee to finalize the slate of candidates for Candidate Interviews. We provide briefing materials for the committee and host the interviews. Finalists are selected for further referencing and vetting.

4. Successful conclusion of the search and onboarding.  BoardWalk communicates with all candidates, conducts offer negotiations and provides  on-boarding recommendations plus regular, ongoing check-ins to ensure a successful transition and long tenure.