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Every organization’s needs are distinctive, so we encourage you to contact us to receive a customized proposal, based on your organization’s objectives, to meet your organization’s objectives.  Here are some general guidelines:

We charge a fixed retainer fee, and we bill that in equal installments over the expected life of the project.  We specifically do not charge a percentage of salary for executive searches, as we think it inappropriate for a search consultant to have a vested personal interest in the size of the compensation package being negotiated.

For executive search assignments, we establish a fixed fee upfront and bill that fee in three or four monthly installments. Your signature on our letter of agreement constitutes our authority to proceed.

For other types of assignments such as board governance or planning, we agree on a fixed fee for a set period of months or the full project, at the outset.  We reevaluate both progress and value-added at specified intervals. As above, payment of the first invoice constitutes our authority to proceed; further invoices are then issued and payable monthly. Your signature on our letter of agreement constitutes our authority to proceed.

We assess each project an 8% charge to cover administrative, research and communications expenses including online and print research subscriptions, telephone, courier, report preparation and the like.

In return for your commitment to our fixed fee, we commit to continuing our efforts on your behalf until you are satisfied, assuming only that you have kept your account with us current.

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"…thank you for the excellent job you and your team did on the CEO search for MedShare. It is a daunting task to find a successor to a founder and yet you approached it with confidence and professionalism."
Joanne Bauer, MedShare CEO search committee chair

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